I have no more witty titles ||MINORU|| RE: Shoko

"Sorry, b-b-but I d-d-don’t really think that Rover did it. He was the closest to PK, I believe, so he couldn’t do it. I suspect that… this was someone that PK was close to but-but not TOO close to. That small g-g-gap in the chain in which someone knows thhhhey can lure someone in to kill bu-but not close enough to-to-to feel too bad about the murder."

He put the paper back in his pocket and sighed.

"I still go off of my theory that the-the murderer was someone who had the mu-mu-most to lose from their secret being let out… A famous author, p-p-perhaps? Game show hostess? Someone who re-relies on their famousness… who knows, many people fall under that category here."

His fuchsia eyes scanned the courtroom, each face falling under his gaze for little more than a second.

"I-I-I-I could always be-be wrong, though."